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On this page you will discover IELTS Sample Essays for an assortment of basic subjects that show up in the writing test.

The model answers all have tips and systems for how you may move toward the inquiry and remarks on the example answer.

Taking a look at IELTS paper subjects with answers is an extraordinary method to assist you with getting ready for the test.

These IELTS test articles have been ordered such that makes it simple for you to perceive how certain exposition question types expect you to give certain reactions to guarantee the question is completely answered.

✓ Cause and Solution
✓ Agree / Disagree / Two Opinions
✓ Direct Question
✓ Advantages and Disadvantages
✓ Discussion 

Cause and Solution

Many offenders perpetrate more crimes in the wake of serving their first sentence. What is the reason behind, and what measures can be taken to handle this issue?

Numerous criminals who carry out their first jail punishment, leave jail as it were to reoffend. This is basically a result of the absence of restoration and trouble discovering standard work once delivered. There are various arrangements which ought to be actualized to manage crooks who reoffend.

Right off the bat, the explanation behind most first-time guilty parties carrying out violations once more, when they have been delivered from jail, is because of the absence of recovery while in jail. All in all, wrongdoers are not allowed to retrain and learn new aptitudes for their future or build up a more profound comprehension of right good conduct and rather blend in with different crooks, which just reinforces their criminal expectations. Furthermore, continue affronting is likewise attributable to the trouble in discovering work in the wake of being delivered. Therefore, a significant number of them battle monetarily which leads them back to wrongdoing, paying little mind to the results.

There are two successful answers for the issue of recurrent wrongdoers. One approach to tackle this is to guarantee that all hoodlums entering jail are allowed to retrain with helpful abilities which will ideally guarantee them an employment after they have carried out their punishment. By doing this, it will assist them with reintegrating once again into society also, give them a few methods for supporting themselves monetarily. Another technique of managing hoodlums who reoffend is to have more management and checks in place when they are back in the public arena. This arrangement would ideally forestall them from taking any risks and stop them from reoffending in light of the fact that they are being so firmly viewed.

Taking everything into account, having preparing in jail and furthermore close perception when first time guilty parties are delivered are viable in managing the issue. On the off chance that administrations actualized these arrangements, wrongdoing figures would before long drop.

Agree / Disagree / Two Opinions

The developing number of overweight individuals is putting a strain on the medical services framework with an end goal to manage the medical problems included. A few people imagine that the most ideal approach to manage this issue is to present more physical training exercises in the school educational plan. How much do you concur or oppose this idea?

Attributable to the issues which a developing populace of overweight individuals cause for the medical services framework, a few people imagine that the way to comprehending these issues is to have more game and exercise in schools. As I would like to think, I totally concur that this is the most ideal approach to handle the issue of weakening general wellbeing according to weight. Right off the bat, managing the issues encompassing corpulence and weight issues is ideal comprehended by adopting a drawn-out strategy and presenting more game and exercise in schools. This strategy will guarantee that the cutting edge will be more advantageous and will not have such medical issues. Right now, the normal kid in the West does sport potentially two times per week, which isn’t sufficient to balance their something else inactive way of life.

Notwithstanding, by fusing more games classes into the educational program just as empowering extracurricular games exercises, they will without a doubt become fitter and more dynamic. Another highlight consider is that having more games exercises for kids in schools will likely bring about youngsters building up an enthusiasm for practice which may channel through to different individuals from their family and have a more drawn out enduring impact. In other words, guardians with energetic youngsters are bound to engage in sport as a way of empowering their kids. By the two guardians and kids being included, it will guarantee that youngsters grow up to fuse sport into their day by day lives. This is surely a characteristic and enduring approach to improve general wellbeing.

All in all, to manage an expanding populace of ill suited, overweight individuals, changing the way of life of the coming age by presenting sport in schools is the least demanding and best technique to utilize.

Direct Question

A few people feel that cash is one of the most basic factors in advancing joy. Do you figure individuals can be upbeat absent a lot of cash? What different elements contribute towards joy?

Cash is considered by numerous individuals to be one of the most significant contributing factors towards satisfaction. As I would see it, it is workable for individuals to be glad regardless of whether they have minimal expenditure and different parts of life can assume a more essential function in making joy. In spite of the fact that having cash carries joy to many individuals, it doesn’t really follow that individuals without cash are, accordingly, miserable. Take for instance the correlation among creating and created nations, most Westerners would concur that individuals in agricultural nations are more joyful, appreciate more grounded family associations and enjoy more the simplicities of life indeed than those in created nations.

One way that individuals can pick up bliss is through their work. For example, a specialist accomplishing humanitarian effort in immature nations may have practically nothing cash yet the award of helping individuals and managing the work they are acceptable at, brings joy in itself. At the end of the day, joy can be found by utilizing aptitudes that individuals are prepared for and through occupation fulfillment.

At last, another factor impacting satisfaction is having steady and cherishing individuals throughout one’s life. While cash may carry the occasions to appreciate delights, hardly any individuals would appreciate them all alone. Being encircled by a cherishing and caring family is considered by the vast majority to be more important than any sum of cash.


Taking everything into account, cash isn’t fundamental for satisfaction, which can be found through work fulfillment just as family. On the off chance that more individuals strived in life towards valid joy as opposed to cash, the world would be a superior spot.

Advantages and Disadvantages

The improvement of the travel industry added to English turning into the most unmistakable language on the planet. A few people think this will prompt English turning into the main language to be spoken worldwide. What are the points of interest and weaknesses to having one language in the world?

It is thought by certain individuals that English, which is presently the most broadly spoken language on the planet, may one day prevail over every single other language and bring about their possible vanishing. Having one language would positively help understanding and financial development yet there will likewise be a few disadvantages.

One obvious advantage to having one worldwide language is that it would empower more noteworthy understanding between nations. As such, if everybody communicated in one language, there would be finished comprehension between nations as well as all individuals all through the world which would advance learning, the progression of data and thoughts. Another explanation that one language would be favorable is that it would help monetary development. With all individuals communicating in a similar language, there would be less hindrances and subsequently exchange would prosper between nations, coming about in a more beneficial global economy.

Then again, there are clear weaknesses to having just a single worldwide language. Initially, it would imply that all different dialects would in the end vanish and, alongside them, their societies. The variety of societies is one of the delights this world has to bring to the table. Each culture is novel with its own particular manner of life and own viewpoints of the world which would all be lost if there were just one language. Furthermore, it would bring about the breakdown of the travel industry in light of the fact that there would be no motivation to go for delight and intrigue if all nations had the equivalent language and comparable societies. This would obliterate numerous nations monetarily that depend on the travel industry as a wellspring of salary.

All in all, while there are in addition to focuses to having one worldwide language, to an extreme would be lost subsequently. Keeping up nearby dialects and societies ought to be organized to guarantee a rich world legacy for people in the future.


Finishing college training is thought by some to be the most ideal way to find a decent line of work. Then again, others believe that getting experience and growing delicate abilities is more significant. Talk about the two sides and offer your input.

It is considered by some that being a college graduate is the way to making sure about a great job, while there are other people who believe that it is smarter to have insight and delicate aptitudes. As I would like to think, I accept that having college training is fundamental for scholastic positions, while delicate aptitudes and experience are more valuable in business.

From one viewpoint, many think it is simpler for the vast majority to get a decent line of work on the off chance that they are college graduates with a decent degree. All in all, having tertiary instruction puts individuals one stride in front of other people who don’t and this can be the central factor in finding a decent line of work. The opposition to get in to colleges and the expanding number of graduates show exactly how noteworthy this degree of training is for individuals’ future work openings.

Then again, having work insight and delicate aptitudes, for example, authority abilities what’s more, other relational aptitudes, can likewise toss the equalization for the candidate, as indicated by a few. For some situations there are a mind-boggling number of candidates and accordingly, it is frequently imagined that having significant involvement with that profession or having procured helpful delicate abilities that can be important to a organization, can put one on top of things while going after a job

At long last, as I would like to think, regardless of whether requiring significant level training or aptitudes and experience, relies upon the position being applied for. Take for instance law, medication or instructing, it is difficult to be considered for a situation without the required instructive foundation. Interestingly, in business, it would be more significant for a possibility to have delicate aptitudes and involvement with that line of business so they can venture into a situation minus any additional preparation and be of quick advantage to the organization.

All in all, finding a decent line of work requires an applicable foundation either in experience or training relying upon the sort of work and field. Individuals ought to ensure they accomplish the fundamental abilities or degrees before going after a position in request to make certain of accomplishment.

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Nice and helpful essays. What level of English is that? I suppose C1? Thank you.