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General Reading Test 1

Part 1

Rabbit Care

Growing Vegetables for Your Rabbit

-Buy seeds for vegetables and herbs, such as romaine lettuces, radishes, escaroles or endives, carrots, basil, mint, oregano or broccoli.

-Place the seeds in pots on a table, because if the vegetables are grown outdoors in the ground, they may be eaten prematurely by your rabbit.

-Pick fresh leaves on a daily basis and rinse them before feeding your rabbit.

-Some herbs such as oregano or basil leaves may cause diarrhea, immediately remove the herb from the rabbit’s diet if this occurs.

A Safe Habitat for Your Rabbit

-Place all electrical, telephone or computer wires in plastic tubing to prevent your rabbit from chewing them.

-Spraying the tubing with vinegar or bitter apple spray will act as an extra deterrent to your rabbit.

-Place wood or heavy cardboard in gaps under heavy electrical appliances where the rabbit may crawl under, such as refrigerators, stoves, dishwashers, washers or dryers.

-Furniture, especially the reclining kind, can be lethal for your rabbit if it gets trapped inside.

Checking Your Rabbit’s Health

-Eyes should be clear with no discharge.

-Ears (inside and out) should not have flakes, sores, discoloration or bumps.

-Toenails should be trimmed regularly to the correct length.

-Teeth should be correctly aligned and not broken.

-When patting, check that there are no unexplained lumps, cuts or bruises.

-Genitals should be dry and clean.

-Any illnesses your rabbit may be suffering from should be reported immediately to your vet, as some conditions may kill your pet within minutes.

Training Your Rabbit

-Rabbits like to be praised and not scolded or criticized, so be positive.

-Rabbits respond best to soft-spoken people.

-Rabbits need to hear commands more than once, so be repetitive with your instructions

-To learn a new behavior, rabbits need to be trained daily for one to two hours over a one to two-week period.

-Be patient and do not force your rabbit to do something against its will.

Part 1 Questions 1-7

Questions 1-7

Read the notice about raising rabbits below:

In boxes 1-7 on your answer sheet write

 TRUE if the statement is true

FALSE if the statement is false

NOT GIVEN if the information is not given in the notice

1. Seeds should be kept out of reach of your rabbit.

2. Stop feeding rabbits any herbs which cause diarrhea.

3. Rabbits are discouraged from chewing tubes by including vinegar in their diet.

4. Rabbits' toenails should be cut to the shortest possible length.

5. There are sometimes swift and tragic consequences for sick rabbits.

6. Losing your temper with your rabbit will have a negative effect on it.

7. For a rabbit to learn best, keep in mind that they are impatient animals.

Office Equipment

A. CopyClear

This high-quality laser copier offers copying speeds of up to 14 ppm and scan-once, print-many capabilities. It has a 45-sheet automatic document feeder for legal and letter size copying and a 300-sheet front-loading paper cassette with single bypass feed. Auto calibration assures crisp, consistent output. Zoom function reduces and enlarges (16%-375%). It comes with an eighteen- month warranty.

B. PowerProjector

This highly portable multimedia projector offers a blend of power and mobility, in addition to a breakthrough feature that enables users to simply copy files onto a USB flash drive and plug it into the projector to present their content without a computer. It also provides software that can be used to easily convert documents and grids into high-quality .jpg images with one click in order to load easily onto most industry standard USB flash drives.

C. PristinePrinter

The Pristine Printer is a network-ready. 5-in-1 flatbed laser multi-function center combining performance, connectivity, and reliability. The PristinePrinter is a full-feature fax machine, with printing speeds of up to 20 ppm and at resolutions up to 2400 x 600 dpi. Double-sided document printing. fax receiving and copy output as well as an up to 60-sheet multi-purpose tray are standard. In addition, the unit serves as a 21 copy-per-minute. legal-size convenience copier and a 9600 dpi (interpolated) resolution colour flatbed scanner. Also included is PC Fax capability, which allows you to send and receive faxes directly from your computer.

D. FastFax

This commercial Laser Fax with 8 MB of memory can store up to 500 pages for out-of-paper reception or fax broadcasting to up to 182 locations. Dual Access capability and Quick Scan let you scan faxes into memory as fast as 2 seconds per page while sending or receiving. A 14.4K modem, 50-page document feed, 300-sheet paper capacity and 128 auto dial numbers combine with a high monthly duty cycle and high-yield consumables to handle demanding business applications. An optional second 300-sheet lower paper tray unit is available. Delivering fast laser performance and reliability at low operating costs, it also copies at up to 15 ppm, sorts, enlarges and reduces.

E. SecretShredder

Keep confidential materials out of the wrong hands by disposing of them confidently and efficiently with this high-speed all-purpose document shredder, featuring a 20-inch entry width that easily handles virtually all office documents. Its hardened steel cutting cylinders accept staples and small paper clips. The shredder stops automatically when its container is full.

F. SuperiorScanner

A remarkable breakthrough in high-quality imaging, the SuperiorScanner offers graphics professionals 1600 x 3200 dpi optical resolution and true 48-bit colour. Optimized to consistently deliver enhanced colour, subtle highlights and sharp shadow detail, this scanner sets exceptional standards in quality, whilst maintaining ease of use and affordable price. The Superior Scanner ensures the finest image quality with high resolution, full edge, sharpness and charity.

PART 2 Questions 14-19

Read the information on the language institute on the following pages.

Use NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS to answer the following questions.

Write your answers in boxes 14-19 on your answer sheet.

14. How much credit can students usually get on completion of a Shafston diploma?

15. What is issued after tuition has been received by the respective institutions?

16. Where should application forms be posted to?

17. What should be attached to the application forms?

18. Upon receiving a CoE, what can a student make an application for?

19. Apart from GU, which three other universities can students transfer to?

Part 2

University Pathways

Shafston has established links with major Australian Universities. These arrangements provide international students who graduate with Shafston Diplomas an opportunity to continue their studies in related university bachelor degree programmes with, in many cases, a full of academic credit.

Shafston in association with Griffith University (GU)

-An applicant who satisfies the entry requirements for a Shafston Diploma is guaranteed an offer of admission to a related Griffith University degree programme upon successful completion of the Shafston Diploma.

-Letters of acceptance from both Shafston and Griffith University are issued upfront at the time of making an initial application to study, and Confirmations of Enrolment (CoE) for both institutions are granted once payment is received.

-Only one student visa application is required for a full-packaged pathway.

Entry Process

-Students should complete the Shafston application form for the chosen diploma and the Griffith University application for the Griffith degree. Both forms are sent to Shafston for processing academic transcripts from prior study is required.

-Shafston will send the student or agent offer letters and invoices for both courses.

-The student is required to pay tuition fees for only the first semester of the Shafston Diploma and related application fees.

-Upon receiving confirmation of initial payment, Shafston will arrange for CoE’s for both courses to be sent to the student or agent.

-The student must now submit his/her student visa application to cover the full programme and must begin preparations for study in Australia.

Shafshon to other Universities

Credit for studies completed at Shafston Institute of Technology and Shafston Nursing is accepted at universities throughout Australia. In addition to credit arrangements already detailed at Griffith University, it is possible to gain up to a full year of credit towards diplomas at other major Universities. In Brisbane, the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) and the Australian Catholic University (ACU) provide credit transfers for Business Diplomas completed at Shafston. The University of Queensland (UQ) also recognizes Shafston credit. An example of credit transfer arrangements at this premier Australian university are outlined below.

Shafoston to The University of Queensland (UQ)

Features of the Shafton to The University of Queensland undergraduate credit transfer arrangement for Business:

-Students who satisfactorily complete the Shafston Diploma in International Business (DIB) or Diploma in Business Information Systems (DBIS) course requirements and who satisfy the University of Queensland (UQ) Faculty of Business Economics & Law (BEL) entry requirements will be entitled to apply for credit.

Questions 8-13

Look at the advertisements on the following pages.

Write the appropriate letters A-F in the boxes 8-13 on your answer sheet.

A CopyClear

B PowerProjector

C PristinePrinter

D FastFax

E Secretshredder

F SuperiorScanner

Which advertisement mentions,

8. fax, scan, copy and print functions?

9. copy, print and scan functions but no fax?

10. fax, copy and zoom in/out functions?

11. scanning at a high dpi resolution and at a reasonable price?

12. that content can be saved as high-quality images with little effort?

13. destroying sensitive documents rapidly?

Eastern Empire Furniture Specialists

The Liu family, founders of Eastern Empire Furniture, have their roots firmly placed in the People’s Republic of China and have over three generations of furniture trading in their bloodline. The Lius continue to add value to their generational relationship network and grow new strategic partnerships longevity and mutual prosperity.

Originally collectors and restorers of Chinese antique furniture and precious artefacts from the Ming and Qing dynasties, the family business has evolved to design and develop contemporary furniture.

What makes the Liu family’s design so compelling is that it draws on the simplicity and natural beauty of the Ming Dynasty to make each piece functional, alluring and a perfect compliment to modern living. This simplistic yet elegant design was preferred by intellectuals known as the Shi Da Fu during the Ming Dynasty.

During the Qing Dynasty, furniture became more complex and intricate in design and was embellished with gold, silver, jade, and ivory. Such furniture, which is heavier and bigger than that of the Ming Dynasty, aimed to please the emperor’s court, aristocrats and wealthy businessmen.

Two types of wood are used to represent the two dynasties. Firstly, Huang Hua Li (dalbergia odorifera), which is a member of the rosewood family, was granted by the emperor, who received it as a gift from other countries, to members of the imperial family or to those who were victorious in war. Secondly, Zitan (Pterocarpus), an extremely rare tropical hardwood of the Leguminosae family, could only be used by the imperial family as its deep purple colour was the colour reserved for the emperor.

Eastern Empire embraces the best of Eastern artistry and age old engineering practices while at the same time blending it with Western quality assurance and the ISO 9001 manufacturing processes. The Liu family invites you to meet the professional team of furniture specialists who would be more than happy to take you on a tour of the factory.

Questions 20-26

Read the information on Eastern Empire Furniture Specialists on the following pages.

Complete the sentences below by choosing NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS from the passage for each answer.

Write your answers in boxes 20-26 on your answer sheet.
20. The founding members of the company are ofheritage.

21. To begin with family focused on accumulating and fixing

22. Straightforward and practical furniture appealed to

23. Furniture of thewas adorned with precious gems and metals.

24. Those who werein battle were allowed to use Huang Hua Li.

25. Zitan is foundareas.

26. You may inspect the premises with the

Part 3

In the Market for Seafood

Section A

The Tsukiji fish market in Tokyo, Japan is arguably the biggest in the world with over 450 kinds of fish on sale, over 3 Dillion yen in turnover and handling around 1,000 tonnes of seafood every day Such markets are often reserved for the culinary experts and seafood Wholesalers who know exactly what they are looking for and can easily make a distinction between high quality fresh fish and those of inferior quality. For those who love their seafood but are not adept at choosing high-grade fish, there is help to be found.

Section B

Fish markets have come to the aid of common consumers to ensure an enjoyable seafood dining experience. To begin with, you are well advised to arrive at the markets early-very early. Wholesalers start displaying their catch from 3 am. By 5:30 the fish auctions are well under way and most of them finish by 9 am. If you are planning to sleep in, you will have to settle for the leftovers. The best and freshest fish are usually gone by 8 am.

Section C

When purchasing whole fish, you will mainly need to draw on three senses. First of all is smell the product should exude a pleasant fresh sea aroma. In terms of appearance, look for skin and scales that are bright and lustrous and gills that are bright pink-red. Finally, touch the fish to ensure the flesh is firm and springs back when pressed. When looking to buy fish fillets or cutlets, check there is no discoloration, gaping or bruising. For crustaceans and molluscs, check that all parts are intact such as the head, shell and tentacles.

Section D

Once snapped up, the seafood also needs to be stored safely and hygienically. Carry fish in an esky or cooler from the markets or ask the fishmonger to pack the catch with ice. On arriving home, scale, clean, gut and rinse the fish, which can be safely kept in the refrigerator for 2-3 days before consumption. Crustaceans and molluscs should be eaten on the same day. If longer periods of storage are required for your seafood, a freezer set at -18 degrees Celsius or lower must used. Under such conditions, the fish will keep for between 3-6 months depending on the type. Remember that the fish should be placed in an airtight freezer bag, labelled and dated. Unpeeled prawns need to be placed in water and frozen as a block to be most hygienic.

Section E

When the time comes to prepare the seafood smorgasbord, there is a simple technique for filleting fish such as Sea Bream. This procedure is best done in a sink or outside as scales are prone to fly off in all directions. Hold the tail of the fish up slightly and with a knife scale the fish down towards the head. With a sharp knife, slit the belly of the fish and gently pull out the insides before thoroughly washing and rinsing the fish in and out under cold running water. Cut the fish behind the gills and slice down the length of the fish toward the tail and against the backbone. To peel the skin, dip fingers in salt for extra grip and press down firmly. Slice from the tail between the flesh and the skin, cutting and lifting skin as you go.

Section F

Not only should your fish now be fresh and tasty, the most nutrition will also be gained from it. On average, seafood contains less than 2% fat and has lower cholesterol than even the leanest of meats or chicken. This means by eating seafood regularly, you can lower your cholesterol and reduce the risk of heart disease. Seafood is also higher in protein compared to meat and chicken as well as high in iodine, zinc, potassium, phosphorus and Vitamin B. You may have heard of Omega 3, which many people take now in tablet form. It is derived from the fat in fish and can help prevent blood clots, reduce the risk of heart disease, and prevent asthma in children and diabetes. Research is also being carried out to substantiate on how it fights cancers and rheumatoid arthritis.

Section G

Fan these reasons, the consumption of seafood has become more and more popular in today’s more health-conscious society. However, this same society is also environmentally conscious, so your choice of fish is important. The tuna fishing industry saw its environmentally unfriendly practices change after the outcry over the number of dolphins that were killed while catching this well-liked fish. Overfishing as with bycatch, is also a major problem in many areas. In the past, trawlers off New England had trouble pushing through all the cod; these days there are barely any left. Although we now have fish farms that supply a great amount of seafood, their small, enclosed spaces often mean the water becomes unacceptably polluted, on top of doing irreparable damage to the coastline where they are built. Doing your homework on suppliers will make your seafood smorgasbord all the more delicious.

PART 3 Questions 27-40

Questions 27-32

Read the notice on the following pages about seafood.

The notice has seven sections A-G.

Choose the most suitable heading for each section from the list of headings below.

Write the appropriate numbers i-xii in boxes 27-32 on your answer sheet.

List of Headings

i A fish boning method

ii A gutting and scaling method

iii A fish preservation method

iv A method to distinguish quality seafood

v The best temperatures for seafood

vi A day at the fish markets

vii At the fish markets

viii The impact of overfishing

ix Seafood industry issues

x Some nutrients for fish

xi A healthy diet of seafood

xii The best time to buy seafood

27. Section B

28. Section C

29. Section D

30. Section E

31. Section F

32. Section G

Questions 33-36

Choose the appropriate letters A-D and write them in boxes 33-36 on your answer sheet
33. How many species of fish are there at Tsukiji?

34. When does bidding on fresh fish end?

35. Which is NOT a characteristic of high quality fresh seafood?

36 How should seafood be stored at home?

Questions 37-40

The passage in the Market for Seafood has seven sections A-G.

Which sections discuss the following points?

Write the appropriate letters A-G in boxes 37-40 on your answer sheet.
37. Fish contains a number of minerals.

38. The fish species and time of purchase should be recorded.

39. The way we fish can be unhealthy.

40. is difficult to control where scales land.


1. NG

2. T

3. F

4. F

5. T

6. T

7. NG

8. C

9. A

10. D

11. F

12. B

13. E

14. a (full) year // one (full) year

15. CoE // Confirmation of Enrolment

16. Shafston

17. academic transcripts

18. a (student) visa


20. Chinese

21. furniture and artefacts

22. intellectuals // Shi Da Fu

23. Qing Dynasty

24. victorious

25. in tropical

26. professional team // furniture specialists

27. xii

28. iv

29. iii

30. i

31. xi

32 ix

33. B

34. D

35. C

36. D

37. F

38. D

39. G

40. E

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